"The Gathering Place of the Beautiful Waters"

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Twenty acres of field, forest, streams and gardens at the heart of Dutchess County, New York -- the Sycamore Center is a special place.

People gather here, where the two Creeks meet, as they have for millennia - at the place the Original People called Mawenawasigh: "The Gathering Place of the Beautiful Waters." 

The Sycamore Center is:

  • An empowering environment for individual healing and restoration... 

... providing opportunity to awaken and develop your unique wisdom, skill, and capacities, in harmony with the natural law which resides in all things. For more information, see Offerings.

  • A learning laboratory for living with the Land ... 

... providing fertile ground in which both emerging and age-old practical knowledge necessary for 21st century transition to sustainable living can take root, grow, bear fruit, and disseminate seed.