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Cooking classes

"Simple , healthy cooking for busy people!"

Is this you?

  • You'd like to improve your diet, but don't have time to cook.
  • The doctor has told you to make some changes and you don't know where to begin.
  • You're tired of take-out and the same old recipes.  It's time for some new ideas!
  • You need some experience learning to cook from scratch.
  • You'd like to learn some vegetarian dishes, but the ingredients are so unfamiliar.
  • You'd like to transform your relationship with food and cooking, and learn to nourish yourself really well!


Enjoy hands-on cooking experience and a delicious dinner with friends! Includes recipes to take home.

Bi-Monthly, Sundays from  4:00 to 7:30 p.m.  

2017 Dates:

July 16th: Cool Cooking - Summer Salads

September 17th: Corn! A Mexican Feast

November 19th: Passage to India - The Warming Spices and Exotic Flavors of the East

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These classes can also be brought to your home, school, or community center -- click HERE to inquire.

At last — someone tells you what you CAN eat, instead of what you can’t!!
— PW, Clinton Corners, NY
The students were the cooks! It feels better that way.
“Everything was new to me, and the food was so good!”

meet the plants

 "Connecting People with Plants!"

Plants gift us with food,   housing, clothing, medicine, beauty, music, pleasure -- even the air we breathe!

In these fun classes, meet your plant neighbors -- they'd like to become your plant friends. Introduce yourself to both wild and domesticated local plants and learn all sorts of things about them:

  • Which are good to eat? How do you prepare them?
  • What can you make with plants?  Medicines?  Crafts?
  • How do plants live and grow? 
  • Where did these plants come from, anyway? How'd they get here? 
  • How do plants talk with us, and what lessons do they share?

You'll go home with your eyes opened to a beautiful, magical new world -- the world of the Plant People!

Bi-Monthly,  Saturdays from  10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Includes lunch.

2017 Dates:

June 17th:  Gateway to Summer -- The Edible Landscape

August 19th: Glorious Green-and-Gold-- Late Summer Abundance

October 21st:  Autumn Bounty -- Harvesting Roots and Tubers

December 2nd: Closing the Circle -- Making Holiday Wreaths

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These classes can also be brought to your home, school, or community center -- click HERE to inquire.

...particularly in this moment right now, when we face climate change, our relationship with plants and our knowledge of those plants is actually perhaps the most important collective inheritance that we have. Because especially in the time of radical flux and change, that knowledge is what’s ultimately going to sustain us...that relationship with the plants is a very big factor in whether we are going to make it or not.
— Kenny Ausubel

svaroopa yoga

Deeply rooted in ancient healing tradition, Svaroopa® yoga is gentle and precise.  It is designed to release long-standing tensions in your spine, and specifically in your sacrum and tailbone, where most of the tensions in your bodymind are anchored. 

Without sweat or strain, it allows opening for ease and calm.

The word "Svaroopa" is Sanskrit for “true form.” Using body and breath, your spine begins to decompress.  Through regular practice, your life energy begins to flow more freely.  Layers of tension fall away, so that your true form can be released and revealed.  Although the poses happen in your body, your mind and spirit are touched as well, safely and compassionately creating room for greater ease and grace in your whole being.

Classes are taught on Mondays, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.  Please give us a call before coming for the first time: 845-266-5679. And please arrive 10 minutes before class begins, to give yourself time to settle in.