Meet The Plants

"...particularly in this moment right now, when we face climate change, our relationship with plants and our knowledge of those plants is actually perhaps the most important collective inheritance that we have. Because especially in the time of radical flux and change, that knowledge is what's ultimately going to sustain us...that relationship with the plants is a very big factor in whether we are going to make it or not.”

Kenny Ausubel

... Connecting People with Plants ...

So many people see plants as 'green wallpaper' -- that is, if they see them at all! But plants are the foundation of all life on Earth, and they sustain our lives in every way -- giving us gifts of nourishment,  housing, clothing, medicine, beauty, music,  pleasure -- and even the air we breathe ...

On this page you can see some of our local plant neighbors -- some of the plants with whom we share our bountiful home.  Do you know their names?  Can you recognize them, in any season of the year or any stage of their life cycle?  Do you know what kinds of conditions they like to grow in, and know what other creatures -- plant, insect, animal -- they provide food or homes for?  Do you know the gifts they share with us humans, of food, fiber, medicine, and other materials, and know their particular beauty?  Do you have stories to share about them from your childhood?  Would you like to share some stories about them with your own children or other family members?

"Meet the Plants" is the name we've given to this series of classes dedicated to allowing you to do exactly that -- get to know your plant neighbors, who would like to become your plant friends.  We'll meet for half-a-day each month, and see what's going on in the plant world here at The Sycamore Center.  We'll introduce you to wild and domesticated plants and discuss all sorts of things about them.  We'll learn which plants are good to eat and great ways to prepare them.  We'll make crafts from plants.  We'll plant in the garden, and harvest the fruits of our labors.  We'll learn about plant medicine and the history and natural history of plant species and the landscape.

You'll go home with eyes open to a whole new world -- the world of the Plant People!

Monthly, on the 3rd Saturday, from  10 a.m. to 2:30 .m. -- includes lunch.

2016 Dates:

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