Alchemilla: astringent, digestive track, blood purifier.

Alfala: nutritive -richest land source of trace minerals.

Anise Hyssop: relaxing, helps cough & colds.

Apple Mint: cooling, cleaning, balances digestive system.

Calendula Blossoms: anti-inflammatory, tissue healer.

Carrot: cleansing, diuretic.

Echinacea: helps resist infections, stimulates, blood purifier.

Elder Flower: gentle circulatory stimulant, strengthening, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral.

Lemon Balm: relaxing, calms central nervous system, eases digestion.

Monarda: antiseptic, cleansing, soothing & relaxing, supports sleep, benefits respiratory tract.

Nettle: mineral rich, astringent, stimulates circulation, balances blood sugar.

Raspberry Leaf: soothes inflammation, tonifies the female organs.

Red Clover: blood purifier, diuretic, balances menstruation & female hormonal system.

Rose Hips: supplements vitamin C, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.

Solidago: supports immune system functioning, reduces phlegm.

Sumac: diuretic, reduces fever, reduces stomach upset, anti-oxidant.

White Pine: aromatic, high in vitamin C, soothes coughs & colds