Plant Spirit Medicine

Without doing battle, without making the disease the enemy, the spirits of nature have offered to bring us out of the dream of strife, into the dream of wholeness.
— Eliot Cowan

Although it has been familiar worldwide since the dawn of time, for many of us in the 21st century, Plant Spirit Medicine is a new and mysterious approach to healing.

Calling on the generous spirits of common, local plants, it brings what's needed to the spirit of a human being who asks for help.  The healing it provides can touch every aspect of life, from physical and emotional health to relationships, work, and play.

With the support of plant spirits, the root cause of illness can be addressed so that life can be lived from place of balance and harmony.

To learn more about receiving Plant Spirit Medicine treatments at the Sycamore Center, contact us HERE.  Or read more about the Medicine HERE, or look for a practitioner in your local area HERE.

... if it wasn’t for the healing I’ve found because of you and Plant Spirit Medicine, I wouldn’t be sitting here feeling calm and looking forward to this trip, without getting overly anxious and looking to reach for some pill to make things okay.
— KB, Hyde Park, NY