The best massage I’ve ever had!
— Denise Assogna, DDS, Poughkeepsie, NY

I’ve been receiving massage regularly since 1985, and returning the gift to others since 1997. Massage has benefited every aspect of my life in countless ways, and I’ve witnessed and supported many people in their healing and recovery from all sorts of injuries, illnesses, traumas, and simply the stresses of everyday living. I would be honored and delighted to share these gifts with you, and your loved ones as well.
— Santha

Massage can:

  • offer a soothing touch that helps you put down your burden, relax and drift away,
  • provide musculoskeletal re-alignment that allows for peak performance in athletics and in daily life,
  • reduce or alleviate chronic pain and discomfort. 

Regular massage can: 

  • improve your state of mind,
  • decrease depression, anxiety, stress and difficulty sleeping,
  • speed recovery from illness or injury,
  • relieve chronic pain and fatigue,
  • support chiropractic adjustments, exercise workouts, and other self-care practices.

Therapeutic Massage can shine a light on the path to healing.

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Massage therapy with Santha has been an irreplaceable healing tool for me!
— SWH, Poughkeepsie, NY