How are you feeling?  

Massage can restore balance, integrity and flow to your body and your life.  It offers soothing touch to help you let go and relax.  It allows for peak performance in athletics and daily life, and alleviates chronic pain and discomfort.  It shines a light on the path to Healing.

Besides feeling great, regular massage can also improve your state of mind and speed recovery from illness or injury.

Therapeutic massage supports other self-care practices, such as yoga, exercise, or chiropractic care.

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"I've received massage since 1985, and returned the gift to others since 1997. Massage has benefited my life in countless ways, and I've supported many people in healing and recovery from injury, illness, trauma, and the daily stress of living. I would be delighted to share these gifts with you and your loved ones."

- Santha